VETUS marine diesel engine M4.17

Code: M417A---A
4 cylinders, 30.9 KW (42 HP), 3.000 RPM

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Additional Information

Bore x stroke (inches) 3 5/64 x 3 5/8
Capacity 1758 cm³
Number of cylinders 4
Alternator 12 Volt - 110 Amps.
Max. speed (RPM) 3000
Gearbox, standard TMC60P
Option ZF10M2.05:1 ZF12M2.14/2.63:1 TMC60A 2/2.5:1
Dry weight incl. standard gearbox (lbs) 423
Suction height of fuel lift pump (inches) 59
Max. installation angle (backwards) 15°
Max. lateral inclination angle (continuously) 25°
Max. lateral inclination angle (5 minutes max.) 30°
Calorifier connection kit Optional
Warning lights and audible alarm for Oil pressure, temperature (fresh and raw water), charging current
Control lights for Pre-heating
Cooling system, standard Indirect cooling as standard (keel cooling optional)


The VETUS M-line engines are reliable, compact and durable marine diesel engines. Furthermore, they are quiet, fuel efficient and easy to maintain as all service-parts have a good accessibility at one side of the engine. The engines are supplied with a high-output alternator as standard, especially developed for marine use. These engines are especially designed for installation in small motor yachts and sailing yachts. The VETUS M-line can also be supplied with saildrive. All VETUS marine diesel engines meet the RCD1 emission standards. A few have BSOII and EPA certificates. Furthermore, the VETUS marine diesel engines type M3.28, M4.15, M4.17 and M4.55 are SOLAS certified for installation in life and rescue boats.

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