Since its creation several decades ago, MAREX has become a household name in the Netherlands in the field of custom-made aluminium windows. Since 2008 VETUS and Marex have used their joint expertise to provide customers with a diverse range of high quality glazing options.

Amongst many other developments, this partnership has resulted in a range of windows with an insulated profile and double glazing, with both companies being able to combine their wealth of experience for the benefit of the customer. MAREX has also benefitted by being able to use VETUS’ international network to outsource some window production, resulting in lower costs for the same high manufacturing standards.

Digital measuring
Measuring errors must be addressed in order to produce accurate windows first time - a window that does not fit cannot be returned and is not easily adapted. To reduce measuring errors as far as possible, VETUS has developed a highly accurate digital measuring system which, once the measurements have been evaluated, automatically forwards the data to the production department, allowing us to offer excellent delivery times.

The best of both worlds
Thanks to the expertise of MAREX and the VETUS development department, an outstanding range of aluminium windows, windscreens and custom-made hatches is now available, as well as an extensive range of standard portholes and hatches available to match. Every element of this product range is designed to complement the others, allowing customers to create a totally harmonious appearance to their on-board glazing.

CE classifications
VETUS windows, portholes and hatches are supplied according to various CE classifications:
• AI: Approved for ocean use and fitment in any part of the hull or deck
• AII: Approved for ocean use and fitment in any horizontal deck surface
• AIII: Approved for ocean use and fitment in the coachroof side

For advice on the correct product to comply with CE regulations, please contact your nearest VETUS dealer.

Why VETUS/Marex Boat windows?
• Together, VETUS and MAREX provide a wide range of boat windows, windscreens, cabin entries, doors and portholes in all shapes, sizes and styles
• In addition to the extensive range of standard VETUS hatches and portholes, MAREX can also manufacture and deliver custom made windows, windscreens and hatches
• Polished and anodized aluminium profiles are used as standard across all products
• The range provides a uniform appearance of all portholes, windows and hatches
• High quality fittings and durable rubber seals are supplied as standard
• All hatches and portholes are available with a mosquito screen
• All products comply with CE classifications AI, AII or AIII
• High quality marine wipers featuring a powerful electric motor and separate worm wheel transmission
• Together, VETUS and MAREX provide a total solution for all your marine glazing requirements
• All VETUS windows are certified according ISO 12216

Marex custom made windows

MAREX custom made boat windows
The MAREX range comprises three modern and stylish window profiles. The surface finish of the frames is extremely high quality, ensuring that they will always look like new. These windows frames withstand a thousand hour salt spray test without any observable damage.

MAREX boat windows have the following characteristics:
• Each window is custom made to the dimensions or template supplied by the customer.
• Window types available: fixed, sliding, half-drop, hinged or combi windows.
• Glass type available: toughened single or double glazed. Glass can be clear or tinted.
• Corner types available: rounded with a choice of radii or with mitred corners.
• Corner radii available: 65, 75, 90 or 105 mm.
• Windows with rounded corners have the external frame joint invisibly brazed for strength and water tightness.
• Mitred corners are invisibly brazed wherever possible, otherwise glued and screwed together.
• All aluminium frames are polished before applying the surface finish.
• Frame finishes available: anodized clear, black or gold or powder coated in black (RAL9005) or white (RAL9010). For any other color, please contact your dealer.
• As an option, sliding and half-drop type windows may be provided with a mosquito screen.
• All windows are manufactured in accordance with CE-directives and a certificate of conformity is supplied with each individual window.
• A quality product that is also affordable, please ask for quotation.