The improved TWINLINEA extraction ventilator


The improved TWINLINEA extraction ventilator: more compact and more powerful at the same time!

This all new in-line extraction ventilator from VETUS has a 25% higher capacity than the previous model. With an output of 5m 3 per minute, every space can be fully ventilated in no time. The TWINLINEA is rated ‘ignition protected’ so that even the engine room or spaces where combustible gases are stored can safely be ventilated before starting up other equipment!

In addition, this powerful ventilator has a very compact housing allowing installation in the most confined spaces. A versatile ventilator suitable for a wide variety of applications!


Type TWINLINEA in brief:

Ignition protected to ISO 8846, ideal for application in engine rooms

Waterproof to IP67

Complies with ISO 9097 Marine Standard

Capacity of not less than 5 m 3 per minute

Static pressure: 36 mm H2O

Very compact dimensions

Available in 12 V - 4 A max

Suited to fit Ø 76 mm I.D.hose

Hose may be connected to Scirocco or Typhoon shell ventilators


The specifications shown in the 2015-2016 catalogue are of the previous TWINLINE model. The specifications above are applicable to the TWINLINEA.

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Jun 07, 2016