Universal inspection port for tanks



Universal inspection port for tanks


Innovative inspection port (ILT) with robust design.

This large inspection port for (bio)diesel, fuel, fresh water and waste water tanks has a flange-in-ring design which makes opening of the port easy, even after being closed for a long time. With a Ø120 mm diameter the port meets the ISO21487 regulations for fuel tanks.


The counter flange and rubber seal are inserted in a Ø159mm hole in the tank, tightened by 4 bolts. When compressed, the rubber seal expands sideways to lock the inspection port into the tank. Cleaning and inspecting the tank has never been this easy.




Dimension Ø120mm / 159mm hole
Suitable for G.R.P., stainless steel and plastic tanks with different wall thicknesses


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Jun 07, 2016