Nominated for The Dame Design Award 2016




Universal inspection port for tanks

Innovative inspection port with robust design!

The VETUS ILT has now expanded to a revolutionary tank connection system that saves on installation time, minimizes risk of leakage and makes sure that your installation complies with international standards. The "clamp and seal" design simplifies installation, making the drilling of a Ø159 hole the hardest part in the installation! It doesn’t stop there however, because the sealing mechanism of the inspection lid (in the standard scope of supply) will put the pressure only on the outer rim, while not having to compensate for the friction when opening for inspection!


Not only does it solve the MANDATORY requirements stated in INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO/FDIS 21487: "Diesel tanks shall be equipped with inspection hatch(es) having a suitable diameter of at least 120 mm at suitable position(s) for cleaning and inspection of the lowest part(s) of the tank." It does so while all connections can stay in place!




Universal inspection port.

The standard delivery of the VETUS ILT is an innovative port with flange-in-ring design which facilitates easy opening, inspecting and cleaning the tank, even after being closed for a long time. The inspection port has a counter flange and a rubber seal which are inserted into a Ø159 mm hole in the tank. All that needs to be done is tighten the 4 supplied bolts which compresses the rubber seal to ensure perfect sealing.




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Nov 03, 2016