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Recent product launches:


New M-Line series Marine Diesel Engines

  • Easily accessible service parts
  • Improved wiring
  • With an electric fuel pump, actuated by the ignition switch
  • Lower induction sound level
  • 26 improvements on heat exchanger unit
  • New plastic front cover 
  • Front mounted oil and fuel filters
  • Designed to accept a second alternator as an option
  • Top cover also designed to be used as a step

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Heavy duty waterlocks

  • Unique in the market thanks to VETUS HD composite material which is heat resistant up to 260°C!
  • Available for Ø 40, 45, 50, 60, 75, and 90 mm exhaust systems
  • The safe choice in case of cooling failure
  • Easily and quickly installed in any situation
    - 360º rotating bodies
    - Rotating hose connections provide infinite connection possibilities
    - Floor mount bracket and wall mount straps supplied as standard
  • Superior noise reduction
  • Minimal backpressure in the exhaust system
  • Provided with drain plugs for winter storage
  • Available in black, large capacity models also in white

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Renewed line of thrusters BOW..D

The complete range of thrusters has been redesigned on several points. The most eye-catching are the newly designed black covers. The material used in these covers is flame retardant according to V0(UL94) for extra safety, and is unaffected by temperatures up to 220ºC. With a stainless steel (AISI 316) detail to finish it off, these covers give a fresh look to the line. Besides the aesthetic features, the brackets for the electric components are improved and a spare fuse is always at hand, stored inside the cover.

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MAREX flush panoramic sunroof

This new sunroof is the only truly flush sunroof on the market. The sunroof is all glass and therefore offers a panoramic view even when closed.

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Battery boxes

These new battery boxes are specifically designed for the VETUS battery range up to 115 Ah. The boxes are made from impact resistant plastic and are impervious to UV light, salt, oil, petrol, and acid.


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