Ventilation is a first step in creating a healthy environment. We all know the importance of good ventilation when it concerns our homes, why shouldn't that count for our home on the water as well? Controlling moisture in a boat cabin through proper ventilation is important in helping to prevent the appearance of mould for instance! Mould doesn't only look bad, it smells and it can even cause damage to your boat and make the atmosphere unhealty to live in. VETUS understands the importance of a healthy on board climate, and has set up a complete range of products to help you accomplish just that. From closable stainless steel deck ventilation for even the hardest conditions, to ignition protected extration ventilators suitable to remove petrol fumes, VETUS offers a complete range.
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    Air suction vents

    In addition to combustion air, the engine also requires sufficient ventilation air to dissipate the radiated heat. The reguired volume of ventilation air is about the same as the combustion air needed which is approximately 6.1 m3 per kW (4.5 m3 per hp) per hour bases on a maximum air velocity of 3 m/sec. The design of the VETUS air suction vents is based on these principles. The model numbers relate to the engine horsepower for which they are suitable.

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