Artikelnummer: COMBI1512

Product description

Combi-gamma Battery charger 70A, Inverter 1500W, Solar connection, 12V.

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Inverter (input) Nein
Nominal battery voltage 10-16 V
Max. input current at 10.5 V resp. 21 V and Pnom 167 A
Inverter (output) Nein
Voltage (V) Nein
Frequency (MHz) Adjustable: 50 of 60 Hz ± 0.1%
Wave shape Pure sine, total harmonic distortion < 3%
Nominal power Continuous at cos phi =1, at a max. inverter temperature of 167°F
Peak power 60 min 105 - 110% / 30 min. 120 - 130% / 10 min.140 - 145% / 5 sec. 150% / 1 sec. 200%
Output cos phi (power factor) 1
Battery charger (input) Nein
Input voltage (V) 200-250 V AC
Input frequency (Hz) 45-55 Hz or 55-65 Hz
Input cos phi (power factor) Nein
Battery charger (output) Nein
Charging current Adjustable
Max. charging current 70 A
Charging current starter battery 4 A
Allgemein Nein
Input power in UPS mode 180 -245, switch-over time < 3 msec.
Max. switching current UPS 16 A
Max. current Power Control 10 A
Multifunctional relay 3x
Ambient temperature (°F) Nein
Protection class IP20
Relative humidity Max. 95%, condensation-free (all printed circuit boards are coated)
Support and manuals
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    • COMBI1512, COMBI1524, COMBI3012, COMBI3024 Operation manual and installation instructions (EN)
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