Blog#3 Field trip with VETUS Young Generation

By: on: Oct 31, 2017

Within VETUS, we recently introduced the VETUS Young Generation Club. A club of young colleagues, who just joined our company. The goal of this club is to involve our young new colleagues in the marine industry and with our company and teach them about this industry. Visiting customers, going to international boat shows and visiting suppliers and factories and organizing brainstorm sessions, are just a number of activities that are planned for this year.


First field trip!

Last week, the Young Generation visited Bola Maritiem, a boat builder (sloops) in the Netherlands. After a good lunch, they were told about the process of building a boat and placing the engine and equipment into a boat. Very educational and entertaining at the same time.

VETUS Young Generation about the visit:

Ben van de Bulk, Product Engineer: ” Seeing our products being applied where they were developed for brings quite some satisfaction”.

Redouan El Allaoui, Product Engineer: “’VETUS products in context’’.

collage bezoek bola