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By: on: Sep 06, 2017

Maintain your boat in optimal condition by using cathodic protection. All vessels, particularly those built of steel or aluminium, require anodes for the protection of underwater metal parts. VETUS has recently expanded its range of sacrificial anodes with 27 new models for various vessels. There are 16 models for a steel hull, 6 suitable for a shaft and 5 suitable for a rudder.

The material used for VETUS zinc anodes is of the highest U.S. Mil.-A-18001 K. specifications. VETUS aluminium anodes are made from an aluminium-indium-zinc alloy Mil.-A-24779 (SH). These new zinc hull anodes are available in weights from 0.68 kg to 3,00 kg and the aluminium hull anodes from 0,36 kg to 1,45 kg. There is also a choice of either rectangular or tear-drop shape to perfectly match the flowing lines of the boat. For the shaft, VETUS offers zinc anodes from 0,25 kg up to 0,71 kg and for the rudder, zinc anodes are offered from 0,08 kg up to 1,50 kg.

Protecting your boat has never been so easy!

For vessels, which mostly cruise on inland (fresh) waters, we recommend aluminium anodes, since aluminium has a greater difference of potential with other metals than zinc. This is very important, as fresh water provides a higher electrical resistance than salt water. For sailing on salt water or brackish water, we recommend the use of zinc anodes. Aluminium anodes also function well in salt water, but are sacrificed at a much faster rate.

Unique features

• 27 new anodes (zinc or aluminium made from the highest possible material specifications)
• Different streamlined shapes to suit most vessel parts
• In case of weld-on anodes: galvanised steel tags allow easy installation

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