Engine VF4.140E 12V/1p

SKU: VF4140G

Product description

VETUS high-speed common-rail 4-cilinder diesel engine with VGT turbo, 103 KW (140 HP), 4.000 RPM, 12 V/105 Amps alternator, intercooling.
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The VETUS F-line engines are a new generation “common-rail” marine diesel engines. These engines, varying from 140 hp till 250 hp, are especially designed for planing and semi-planing hulls. They are compact, light weight and have a high power/weight ratio. Furthermore, they are very reliable and fuel efficient. These engines can be supplied both as gearbox and sterndrive version.

Additional Information

Number of cylinders 4 in-line
Configuration 4-stroke cycle, twin camshaft, 16 valves.
Bore x stroke (inches) 3 15/64 x 3 9/16
Displacement 1910 cc
Alternator 14 V - 105 A
Max. toerental (omw./minuut) 4000
Gearbox, standard TM345(A)
Option No
Dry weight (lbs) 650
Combustion system Direct injection common rail.
Aspiration Turbo charged with variable geometry turbo.
Cooling system, standard Indirect cooling system with heat exchanger.
Max. mounting inclination 10°
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