How much warranty do I get on VETUS products?
Since 1 January 2011, the warranty on all VETUS equipment is 3 years. The warranty on engines and generators is even 5 years. The details of these unique warranty conditions can be found on the page "Warranty Policy".
Where can I find manuals and other technical information about VETUS products?
There are two ways how you can find technical documents such as installation instructions and operation manuals: 1. In the "Service and Support" module, select the suitable category in the menu on the left, e.g. "Engines and around the engine". Click on "Browse our documentation" in the "Technical documentation" box. You will see a list of all documents that are available online within this category. With Ctrl + F you can search for the document you need, e.g. by product name. 2. Navigate to the page of the relevant product. You can either do this via the Search function in the header of the website, or via the product menu on the left (Home - VETUS SYSTEMS - Select category - Select sub category - Select product). If there are manuals or other documents available online for this product, you will find them in the tab sheet "Support and manuals" at the bottom of the page. Please note: If you cannot find any relevant documents online, this does not necessarily mean that there are no documents available. It will take us a couple of months to make all documentation for the several thousand VETUS products available online. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact your dealer or send us a message via the Contact form.
Where can I find current pricing?

Current pricing can be obtained by your local dealer. Pricelists are available on this website: www.vetus.com/catalog-request

Where can I purchase VETUS-Maxwell products?

VETUS products can be obtained all over the world in more than 100 countries. You can find your local dealer at www.vetus.com/dealerlocator

How long is the warranty on my engine?
From 1 January 2011 VETUS gives a full three year warranty and an additional limited warranty for a further period of two years on their engines. The warranty conditions can be found online in the “Warranty policy” section.
What does EMR mean?
EMR stands for Electronic Motor Regulation and is available for the DT(A)44 and DT(A)66 engines. The functions of the engine are now electronically controlled instead of mechanically.
Our vessel is used by several other people. Can I order extra engine keys?
You can order extra keys for engine start panels produced from 2007 onwards. Please ask your engine dealer or boat builder.
My rev counter is broken, but I want to save the data on the hour meter. How can I do that?
If you take your rev counter to a Vetus dealer, the dealer can order a new one for you with the data of your previous hour meter entered.
There is no cooling water coming out of the exhaust outlet. What should I do?
Switch off the engine immediately and try to anchor or reach the shore. An engine must have cooling water in order to prevent overheating and damage. A faulty impeller or a blocked water strainer pipe could be the cause.
By whom does the maintenance on my VETUS engine need to be performed?
VETUS has an extensive worldwide service network, with access to specialist knowledge and spare parts. Please check our online dealer locator.
What is the function of a waterlock?
A waterlock collects the water left in the exhaust system when the engine is stopped. The waterlock also helps to reduce exhaust noise.
Where do I fit the exhaust outlet?
An exhaust outlet must always be fitted above the waterline.
Can I install a waterlock above the waterline?
Providing that the engine is also above the waterline. Remember, the waterlock must always be lower than exhaust outlet on the engine.
Does my air vent need maintenance?
Air vents fitted with a valve require periodic maintenance in order to prevent blockage. The valve should be removed and washed out with fresh water. Air vents fitted with a bleed hose to the hull of the boat do not require periodic maintenance.
What tools do I need to remove the valve from an air vent?
Model type ASDV can be removed by hand and no tools are necessary. Model AIRVENTV requires a crosshead screwdriver.
My waterlock has melted, how is that possible?
This has been caused because the engine did not get sufficient cooling water. Reasons for this include; a damaged pump impeller, a blocked cooling water strainer or inlet, or the inlet seacock being closed.
Why do I need a waterlock in my exhaust system?
After the engine is stopped, the cooling water in the exhaust system must not be able to flow back in the engine.
Can I connect two fuel tanks together?
Yes, this is possible by means of the interconnection kit FTLD.
What is the advantage of a plastic VETUS tank compared with a steel or stainless steel tank?
VETUS tanks are lightweight and easy to install. Condensation and the risk of corrosion does not occur. Another advantage is the fact that you are always able to see the amount of fuel that is in the tank.
Can I use the VETUS fuel splash stop for a petrol (gasoline) engine?
Yes, that is possible. Besides excellent protection they are also easy to install.
Can I connect a VETUS no-smell filter to a petrol (gasoline) tank?
No, the VETUS no-smell filters are only suitable for use with diesel tanks.
What materials does VETUS use for its switch panels?
VETUS switch panels are made of synthetic and non-corrosive materials.
How can I calibrate my ultrasonic level sensor?
You will be able to do this with a LED and calibration wire. It is not necessary to use external equipment.
Why must the power supply to the gas detector be switched on, even when the vessel is not in use?
When the power supply is on, the presence of gas is checked on a permanent basis. This could save your life if there has been a leak whilst you were away from the boat.
Our vessel is used by several other people, can I order extra engine keys?
You can order extra keys for engine start panels produced from 2007 onwards. Please ask your engine dealer or boat builder.
My rev counter is broken, but I want to save the data on the hour meter. How can I do that?
If you take your rev counter to a Vetus dealer, the dealer can order a new one for you with the data of your previous hour meter entered.
Can I mount my calorifier vertically?
Yes, VETUS calorifiers are suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting.
What are the advantages of a double wall calorifier?
A double wall calorifier will heat up approximately 5- 7 times faster than a conventional spiral coil model. In addition, the water will stay hot longer due to the heated double wall and the thick insulation foam. All VETUS calorifiers are equipped with a double wall.
How can I clean my water tank?
The inspection lid on the tank makes it possible to clean the tank easily.
My flexible water tank is leaking, can I repair it?
Yes, this is usually possible, providing the leak is quite small. You can order a repair kit - code REPSETWT from your VETUS dealer.
The drinking water on board my boat has a plastic like taste, is this harmful?
This is absolutely harmless and is caused by the smell from the hoses. Sterilise the tank and hoses on a regular basis using fresh water and chlorine tablets or white vinegar. Please see the tank fitting instructions for full details.
Can I use my water tank as a diesel fuel tank?
Yes, this is possible. You will have to replace the connections for ones which are suitable for use with diesel fuel.
Is a waste water system obligatory?
No, a waste water system is not obligatory (yet), but it is also not allowed to pump black waste water into the harbour or marina. A VETUS waste water system is therefore certainly recommended!
Can I connect my VETUS electric toilet to a 12 or 24V supply?
Yes, this is no problem. All VETUS marine toilets are available for 12 or 24 Volt supplies and some models are available for 120 Volt or 230 Volt AC.
My waste water hose smells bad, how can I prevent this?
You need to make sure that the run of the discharge hose will not allow waste water to remain in the hose after pumping. This may cause a noxious smell to permeate through the hose. Moreover the system needs to be rinsed on a regular basis.
How often do I need to replace the smell filter fitted to the waste water tank breather?
The carbon impregnated elements in this filter need to be replaced once a year.
How can I prevent blockages in the waste water system?
We advise the use of a membrane type pump. These are capable of moving both liquid and semi-solid waste without blocking and the pumping action helps to break up the waste.
How do I know which bow thruster I need for my boat?
The rule of thumb for calculating this is described on page 142 of the VETUS catalogue. Alternatively, please contact your VETUS dealer who will be pleased to advise.
Do your bow thrusters come with a control panel as standard?
No. Due to the wide range of different panels available, these are not included and need to be ordered separately.
What is a built in time lapse device?
This electronic delay eliminates the risk of the bow thruster being switched from one direction to the other before the motor has stopped rotating. It will prevent wear and tear to the drive leg and avoid motor damage.
How are VETUS bow thrusters protected?
VETUS bow thrusters are equipped with a switch off safety device. This device sees to it that the bow and/or stern thruster is switched off automatically after more than 2 minutes of continuous running. As from 2011 this device is provided as a standard.
Is my bow thruster suitable for remote operation?
Yes, it is, by means of the RCM radio control.
My battery does not function any more, what could be the cause?
There could be multiple reasons, it could be overcharged or charged too deep. Each battery has its own characteristics and first you need to determine the exact battery type.
What is the life time of a battery?
VETUS supplies first class quality batteries. VETUS provides a 3-year warranty on batteries.
The poles of my battery are oxidized, is this harmful?
This is initially harmless, but you should clean the poles as soon as possible. Prior to removing the poles you need to make sure that the battery is switched off.
My battery makes noise at charging. Is this harmful?
If you notice a lot of noise, you need to stop charging and check the battery and charger. Please note though that a battery always produces some sound during charging.
Where do I bring my broken battery?
You cannot throw it in the bin with your regular garbage, but you need to bring it to a specialized hazardous materials collection point.
Do I need to fill up my battery?
No, all VETUS batteries are entirely sealed and therefore maintenance free!
Are VETUS batteries only suitable for marine applications?
VETUS batteries are also used in several non maritime applications.
Can I connect different types of batteries?
No, this is not possible. Each type of battery has its own characteristics which could cause problems at charging and discharging.
I have a whole series of batteries in my vessel and one of them needs to be replaced. Can I replace only that specific one?
You will need to replace the whole series as the new battery has a different tension than the old ones. In order to prevent problems, you must replace all batteries.
What oil should I use in my VETUS hydraulic steering system?
The correct hydraulic oil is VETUS code VHS1 and can be obtained from your VETUS dealer.
What is the order procedure for windows at VETUS?
You will find the nearest VETUS selling point in our online dealer locator. They will advise you on how to hand in your moulds and drawings.
Is the profile available in various colours?
Yes, the profile is available in various colours upon request.
Are the Marex windows available in customer specific sizes?
Marex offers various solutions for specific applications. Your VETUS dealer will provide you with detailed information.
My cowl ventilator was delivered with a key, what is the purpose of this key?
With this key you can tighten the securing ring to prevent the cowl ventilator being stolen.
What type of oil should I use for my windlass/tailpiece?
We recommend ISO 3448, VG 320, SAE 90, weight gear oils. Vetus oil order number VBT
How do I service my Maxwell products?
You can find the service prescriptions in your own Maxwell manual! Manuals can also be downloaded from the Maxwell Marine website: http://www.maxwellmarine.com/support_manuals.php.
What type of chain/rope is suitable for my windlass?
In the Vetus catalogue you will find a selection chart for windlasses and capstans. The required windlass are related to a standard chain and rope size. You can also visit http://www.maxwellmarine.com/gen_which_winch.php?selection for more information.
How does the remote of my windlass operate?
The RCM2 or RCM4 are hand held wireless control units, to be used for control of a bowthruster, windlass, and other different electronic equipment
Why can’t I use the anchor and windlass to hold the boat?
While anchoring you need to secure the chain with a chain stopper [for rope a bollard]. Because all circumstance can be different while anchoring and you never know how much force is on the chain at certain moments. A chainstopper is able to hold much more loads as the windlass.
How do I know which Maxwell winch I should install aboard my boat?

The latest Maxwell Power & Sailing Boats and Superyacht catalogues have a section advising you how best to ascertain which windlass is best suited to your boat and your requirements. If your boat is in the 6 meter (20 feet) to 20 meter (65 feet) range, then the Power & Sailing Boats catalogue should provide you with most of the background information you need. If you are fortunate enough to be considering the most suitable windlass for your Superyacht (vessels generally over 25 meters (80 feet), then the "15 Easy Steps to Windlass Selection" chart in Maxwell's Superyacht colour catalogue should provide you with the information you need. Should you require further assistance with your windlass selection please do not hesitate to contact Maxwell or any of their representatives world wide. Contact details can be found under the 'Find Us' section of our web site.

What is the difference between a Winch and a Windlass?

There are many nautical terms associated with the anchoring of your boat. Winch and windlass are but two. To acquaint you with many of the commonly used terms associated with lowering and raising your anchor, we have provided a Glossary of Terms in both our Power & Sailing Boats and Superyacht catalogues. These terms can also be found under the Support section of our Website. Click 'Glossary'. For those of you who really want to get into marine nomenclature there is an excellent book available called: "The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea", Oxford University Press

Which is better, a Vertical or Horizontal Windlass?

Maxwell manufactures both. Refer to the "Which Winch" section of our Website under Power & Sailing Boats or check Superyacht headings for more information regarding which type will be most suitable for your boat.

How can I make VETUS rubbing strake flexible in order to fit it?
In order to render VETUS rubbing strake flexible enough to fit it, you first need to immerse it in hot water or heat it with a hot air gun.