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BOW PRO Wins NMMA Innovation Award

On Friday, February 19th, VETUS won the NMMA Innovation Award at the Miami Boat Show for the BOW PRO! We are very proud to win this award with this (r)evolutionary new Bow Thruster!

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(R)Evolution from VETUS

(R)Evolution from VETUS: a combination of the renowned electric bow thruster series and the quiet RimDrive. Without further ado, we proudly present the all-new BOW PRO thrusters! Fully-proportional thrusters with unlimited* run-time, in various models!

Our BOW PRO thrusters are fitted with proven induction technology. This system makes the use of carbon brushes obsolete. As a result, the bow thruster is very quiet and has indefinite* run-time! The (AC) induction motor is controlled by the VETUS MCV motor controller. This in-house-engineered motor controller can handle both 12V, 24V and AC motors, making the new bow thruster suitable for almost all boats!

The BOW PRO thruster is controlled by a proprietary CANBUS protocol. There are two different panels available for this thruster; one fully-proportional basic panel and one fully-proportional panel with lock-function. This allows the boat to be moored without the use of ropes. Letting passengers board your vessel have never been this easy! Evolution is to continue on a set of good properties, so there are similarities with its predecessors: remained are the very silent propeller blades and the streamlined tailpiece. Retrofitting a BOW PRO thruster therefore is a piece of cake as the new motor is interchangeable with the tailpiece and flange of our thruster range.

Types and Specifications

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