Product Introductions METS 2017

Product Introductions at METS

At METS 2017 VETUS is introducing a long list of new products! Never before we have launched this many products at this show!


limage log mets

New series bow thrusters

A VETUS (R)evolution; a combination of our successful electric bow thrusters and our silent RIMDRIVE. Brushless, proportional, high efficiency, low currents, unlimited runtimes, low maintenance and easy installation are all characteristic for this new series of thrusters!


VC thruster



V-Docker - VETUS Joystick docking system

The creator of boat systems enhances boat control again! Introducing the V-DOCKER® Joystick docking system. The intuitive operation of V-DOCKER® enables pro-like docking in the most demanding situations. The V-DOCKER® works with a combination of a single engine, a bow and a stern thruster. 

HEAVY DUTY WATERLOCKS - HPW Series Exhaust systems

A new range of high performance Heavy Duty Waterlocks is launched: VETUS presents the HPW series! Made out of NAVIDURIN the HPW series are temperature resistant up to 260ºC and outperform standard GRP materials by 170%! NAVIDURIN is proof of our commitment to create innovative solutions: it is a proprietary composite polymer blend that is optimized for use in marine exhaust systems. 





Twin coil calorifiers - WHT series - Warmth on request

VETUS heats up the calorifier scene. Meet the WHT series! With the WHT calorifier series, VETUS adds a new meaning to ‘Double Dutch’: this twin coiled calorifier range will double your level on comfort on board when it comes to warm water. 

The TWINLINEB extraction ventilator: more compact and more powerful at the same time!

This new in-line extraction ventilator from VETUS has a 25% higher capacity than the 76mm version. With an output of 7m3 per minute, every space can be fully ventilated in no time.  





New metal filter, type CWS: for installation below the waterline

VETUS introduces a new metal filter type CWS. For installations where the cooling water strainer must be mounted close to or below the waterline and for commercial applications. VETUS nickel plated bronze cooling water strainers are an ideal solution. 

New DEUTZ 4 cylinder engines

New to the DEUTZ family; VETUS introduces the 4 cylinder D-Line common-rail engines which run smoothly, have a high power and torque, low revolutions and are highly reliable and durable. They are in conformity with the new RCD2 emission regulations.


image deutz


image fgh

FGH series - Smooth, steady and ready to integrate into the sleek lines of your boat

With great pleasure we announce the family expansion of our FGH escape and ventilation hatch series. The meticulously engineered construction of these hatches ensure a flush fitting into the deck, resulting in a silky smooth transition between hatch and deck.


VETUS adds much needed flexibility to your waste water system. Meet the new Y-connectors! The waste water connector line-up consists of a three-way valve, an Y connector, a non-return valve and the additional hose connectors. These hose connectors are fully rotatable and are ordered separately to fit your existing hoses. Made entirely out of Delrin®, these products are strong and durable. With connectors variations from 19 mm up to 38 mm, it’s plug-and-play on every boat.




VF engine

NEW VF engine

VETUS is introducing the new F-line common-rail 4-cilinder engines with Canbus protocol in three different models i.e. VF4.145, VF4.180 and VF4.200 and can be supplied with gearbox or sterndrive. These marine engines are compact, lightweight and have an excellent power to weight ratio and are designed for installation in fast semi-planing and planing boats.

SAILING SYNERGY – VETUS GLX20 GENSETS - High-power on demand

VETUS expands the range of generators on the high-end of the family: introducing the GLX20TIC. A 20kVa powerhouse to suit vessels with a lot of electrical equipment. The Hyundai engine is carefully selected for its power output and fuel economy. It operates at 1500 rpm and can be placed in the most confined spaces. The high quality insulation makes the GLX20 a pleasure to use and the top-end finish guarantees a long (and reliable) life time.





New range of anodes in aluminium and zinc - Protect your boat

Maintain your boat in optimal condition by using cathodic protection. All vessels, particularly those built of steel or aluminium, require anodes for the protection of underwater metal parts. VETUS has recently expanded its range of sacrificial anodes with 27 new models for various vessels. There are 16 models for a steel hull, 6 suitable for a shaft and 5 suitable for a rudder. 

PA series – Take a different view

VETUS expands the selection of portholes with the low profile PA series. Originated as special request item in APAC and USA, we have updated these portholes and included them in our regular stock. To fit in with our regular line-up, we have installed improved ergonomic handles to achieve the same look and feel as our other products. 


pa image


image hopper

Hopper series - fresh air without a catch

Please welcome our latest addition to our glazing line-up: the Hopper series. The new removable windows are designed with the English canal boats in mind. These narrow boats are particularly cozy, with almost no room to spare. 

And more to come....