VETUS since '64

VETUS history 2010 - now

Since its foundation in 1964 VETUS has become one of the world's leading companies when it comes to innovative products for pleasure craft and small commercial vessels. Here is a short guide to our history:

2016 VETUS opens branch offices in Poland and Portugal
2015 VETUS opens branch office in France
2014 VETUS opens branch office in Italy
2013 VETUS opens branch office in South-Africa
2013 VETUS joins the Yanmar Group.
2012 VETUS introduces a new corporate identity "VETUS, Creators of Boat Systems" as well as a new brand: V-Quipment.
2010 VETUS opens branches in Denmark and India.


vetus history

VETUS history 2000 to 2010

2009 VETUS Sweden and VETUS Finland are added to the VETUS Group.
2008 Maxwell and Marex are incorporated into the VETUS Group.
2004 The company name VETUS DEN OUDEN is changed to VETUS.
2000 Founder Willem den Ouden hands over the day-to-day management of the company to a team of Vetus executives.


VETUS office Spain

VETUS history 1975 to 2000

1992 VETUS DEN OUDEN opens a new branch office in Southampton, Great Britain. VETUS DEN OUDEN UK is founded.
1984 VETUS DEN OUDEN joint ventures with importers in Greece and Switzerland and starts with the first production of windows in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.
1982 VETUS DEN OUDEN introduces the first bow thruster for pleasure craft and small commercial craft.
1977 VETUS DEN OUDEN France is founded
1975 VETUS DEN OUDEN Spain is founded.


vetus history

VETUS history 1964 to 1975

1974 Start of the development of the first VETUS engine, based on a Peugeot block. VETUS Diesel is founded.
1973 VETUS DEN OUDEN expands further with a branch office in the USA.
1972 Opening of a new headquarters office and warehouse in Schiedam, The Netherlands.
1968 The first in-house engineer is employed for own product development. The first  product development in-house with the brand name VETUS is the seawater strainer type 325
1966 VETUS goes international with the establishment of VETUS DEN OUDEN GmbH in Germany.
1965  First printed catalogue is published in Dutch and in German with a print run of 50,000 copies.
1964  VETUS DEN OUDEN is founded by the late Willem den Ouden from his home in Rotterdam.