Mandos a distancia mecánicos para motor

Ofrecemos mandos a distancia tanto mecánicos como eléctricos, tanto de palanca simple como de palanca doble.

Mandos a distancia mecánicos para motor

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  • RCBP

    Installation kit for
    With this radio connection a bow or stern thruster may be controlled without the need to install a cable from the thruster to the panel. For 12/24 Volt.
  • P102982

    AA710 Base station - Antenna Compatible AA702A
    Separate base station for MAXWELL AA710 to allow control of two windlasses.
  • P102980

    AA710 Antenna (9403) 10m Cable
    MAXWELL AA710 antenna for use with steel boats, where the standard internal antenna will not perform due to the steel structure.
  • P102977

    AA710 Wireless remote control -rode counter (9400)
    Additional handset for AA710 remote windlass controller and rode counter.
  • P102981

    AA710 wirelesss control Kit Antenna Compatible
    With options to control a bow thruster or deck lights and anchor wash. Kit includes 1 hand held remote control, 1 base station, 1 sensor and 1 magnet.
  • P104817

    Radio Remote 4 button Control (Maxwell branded)
    Ideal for remotely operating the up/down function of a dual windlass installation, or for controlling a windlass and a bow thruster.
  • RCMRX4

    Radio remote
    Extra receiver for VETUS RCM4 radio remote control.

    Antena exterior
    Antena exterior

    Mando a distancia
    Mando a distancia para: hélice de proa, de popa, molinetes, etc.
  • RCMTX2

    Radio transmisor
    Radio trasmisor de 2 canales
  • RCMTX4

    Radio transmisor
    Radio trasmisor de 4 canales
  • RCMRX2

    Radio receptor
    Radio receptor de 2 canales

    Cable de conexión
    Cable de conexión

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