Sponsorship for 2018

VETUS sponsors a number of events, companies and/or charities each year.

This is on the agenda in 2018: 

Iva Driebergen

VETUS is proud to sponsor IVA Driebergen (nautical business management school) with their participation in Race of the classics.
At the HISWA boat show they held their team presentation.


The Blue Rower

Isaac Giesen is rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for the fight against depression.

See more about his project on: thebluerower.com


Lions Club Schiedam te Riviere

VETUS became a sponsor of the Lions Club Schiedam Riviere - a service club and group of friends who are raising money for all kinds of charities in the region of Schiedam The Netherlands. The Lions Club are organizing a movie day to collect money for The Forgotten Child in Schiedam on March 11, 2018.



Nao Victoria Foundation

VETUS became a sponsor of the of the the Nao Victoria Foundation - a non-profit entity specializes in promoting and spreading historical events, which are supported by the construction of historical ships (the Nao Victoria, El Galeón and the Nao Santa María) that are sailed throughout the world’s ports. The vessels are a powerful, unique and very attractive marketing and educational platform that have been used successfully to support great world events during the last decade.

More info? Click here.